The Exchange Game is Changing


AnyCoin -- a growing player in the blockchain space -- came to Miller/Datri Entertainment to help spread the word about how it’s disrupting the cryptocurrency exchange model.

Miller/Datri Entertainment started the project by analyzing client first party data, and blockchain user/audience data, to inform the production and distribution plan. All aspects of the project (such as video length, script, voiceover talent, technical specs, music, editing, etc.) were informed by these insights, playing into AnyCoin’s younger and male-skewing target demographic.

In addition, this demographic informed the proposed distribution strategy — that the video would not only live on the client’s website, but also would reach viewers through a carefully thought-out social influencer program, leveraging social listening and audience targeting to build momentum around key dates on AnyCoin’s roadmap.

The result? Measurable ROI for AnyCoin — the video we produced has not only yielded a 50%+ increase in AnyCoin user acquisition, but has also turned out to be a game-changer for its business development initiatives as well (the video will have been used in over 30 pitches by the end of 2018, resulting in multiple partnerships closed).

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