Next. Generation. Production. Studio.

We are a video production studio built for now, with a relentless commitment to results for our clients.

Video projects too often under-deliver because they are not produced in a way that will maximize the video’s effectiveness on the platforms and channels where it ultimately needs to live.  

We fix this problem by applying our unique, award-winning experience working with the industry’s best content creators and video marketers, expertise in data and video distribution, and understanding of the inputs (such as length+format, look+feel, technical specs) at each stage of the production process that will maximize achievement of the video’s goals.

And we marry this method with indie film-caliber artistry in order to deliver content that is not only effective but cutting-edge and culturally-impactful.

Our sole mission is to maximize results from your video investment, and we have a demonstrated track record of doing so with this unique and differentiated approach.

  • Award-winning experience:
    We’ve worked for and with the industry’s best video creators & marketers, and have helped with the creation/distribution of literally thousands of their videos. We know the recipe for successful content.
  • Data & distribution-first approach: 
    We inform all phases of production with data and our award-winning experience in distribution to maximize results.
  •  Indie-film caliber creative & production:
    Our movie studio has received critical acclaim for its cutting-edge storytelling and technical expertise, which we apply to all content we produce.
  •  Relationships & Networks:
    Through our unique network and set of relationships, we access the best locations, partners, and talent — and preferred rates to keep all of your $ on screen.
  • Brand stewards:
    As ad industry veterans, we bring a differentiated ability to tastefully integrate our client’s branding throughout all stages of production to maximize impact.

We apply our award-winning approach and experience to all creative/technical aspects such as the following, to maximize the effectiveness and results of each and every one of our client’s videos:

  • Creative & scripting
  • Brand integration
  • Format
  • Camera, lighting, & sound equipment+techniques
  • Sound design & music
  • Editing, timing, & transitions
  • Coloring and use of special effects

By putting distribution strategy at the forefront of all stages of the production process — not after it’s finished, as is usually the case — we allow for the following:

  • Ensuring creative and concepts are in line with the topics that your audience is consuming most from the get-go
  • Over-performing on organic views, resulting in more awareness/sales
  • Avoiding paying for views when they aren’t achieved organically
  • Avoiding costly video edits and re-shoots because the content isn’t right for its home
  • Reducing additional video player/infrastructure costs needed for underperforming content
  • Improving engagement via great content, not last-minute, engagement-boosting add-ons



Better creative, better strategy, better results. Rely on our in-house team of award-winning script writers and storyboarders to deliver creative that will ensure your story is heard, and our in-house team of marketing veterans to act as your brand stewards -- all informed by a data-driven, distribution-first approach that sets up every project for success.

  • Research, analytics, & insights
    Research, analytics, & insights
  • Treatments, scripts, & storyboarding
    Treatments, scripts, & storyboarding
  • Talent
  • Branding


We consistently deliver better results for your business by informing our cutting-edge, end-to-end, award-winning production practices with marketing expertise that has driven billions of digital video views for companies like Conde Nast, ABC, and Refinery29 -- and resulted in Forbes 30 Under 30 honors for our founding team. From pre-production through post-production, our process is focused on saving you time and making your life easy.

  • Branded entertainment
    Branded entertainment
  • Commercials
  • Social-first & influencer-driven content
    Social-first & influencer-driven content
  • Music videos
    Music videos
  • Original series
    Original series
  • Documentaries & feature films
    Documentaries & feature films


Every step of our process is geared towards ensuring you and your videos succeed when it comes to viewership and distribution. We’ll act as your consultant throughout this critical phase -- reducing the risk of costly errors, while maximizing views and results (e.g. awareness, conversions, sales) from your video investment.

  • Media/distribution consulting
    Media/distribution consulting
  • Video distribution services
    Video distribution services
  • Performance reporting
    Performance reporting

Meet the Team

Never Fear Failure

Colby Reed Miller

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Miller/Datri Entertainment was co-founded by industry leaders and innovators, and godfather and godson, James Edmund Datri and Colby Reed Miller

meet the founders

Details matter. A lot

James Edmund Datri

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Our in-house team includes award-winning feature film script writers, to critically-acclaimed creative directors, to ex-SapientRazorfish executive producers, to editors who have worked on major ABC shows, to Brit+Co 30 Under 30-winning content marketers — all of whom come together on every project to ensure our client’s success.

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Andres Rovira

VP of Creative

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Nate DeLong

VP of Production

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Alma Hartman

Senior Marketing Manager

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Lead Editor

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Senior Writer

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Shayontani Banajeree

Associate Producer / Developer

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Sonya Shutter

Executive Assistant