Solana Lewis Documentary

Solana Lewis


Solana is an up-and-coming star in the intense and ultra-competitive sport of powerlifting, and in June 2018 won the Gold Medal at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship -- becoming the Junior World Champion at 22 years old. She has partnered with Miller/Datri Entertainment to to tell her incredible story of overcoming challenges such as self-confidence and body image, and empowering herself and others through exercise.

Solana came to us to help tell her story, so that it might empower and inspire other young women. While Solana has set world records, the most remarkable thing about her is that she only started lifting seriously a few years ago, and (like many teenage girls) had previously struggled with her body image and confidence. Solana has also overcome challenges around shyness, having no resources to pay for her training, and needing to give up things like drinking and partying to pursue her dream.

Solana’s dedication and work ethic are inspiring to us, and we are proud to be her production company partner. Her story will live on social media and OTT/SVOD platforms, and Miller/Datri Entertainment will be promoting the series via social media influencers (across weightlifting, fitness, and beyond). For now, we hope you enjoy the trailer!

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