Max’s Heart Brand Activation & Documentary Production

Max’s Heart

Brand Activation & Documentary

Meet Max Page - actor, activist, survivor. Max was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart condition that changed his life and arguably, for the better. Max’s tale is of epic scope. Surpassing all odds, he lived to tell this tale and when he tells it, he uses the world as his audience. As an ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, an activist in all things heart-related, and an aspiring actor who graced the screen as a mini Darth Vader in a Super Bowl ad, Max is living his best life.

Max has acted alongside actor Kenny Johnson (SWAT, Bates Motel, The Shield) who perseveres through dyslexia. He’s acted alongside comedian Tig Notaro (One Mississippi) who perseveres through breast cancer. He’s acted alongside actor Lew Temple (The Walking Dead, Unstoppable), who also overcame cancer. Through the theme of perseverance, Miller/Datri Entertainment and Max are partnering with a brand, and all of the influential people Max has worked with along the way, to tell his story.

Max Page exemplifies the strength of the human spirit, the perseverance of the mind and body, and the magic of childhood — because beyond the surgeries, activism and a schedule full of “adulting,” Max never ceases to be a great kid living a great childhood.

You’ll have to experience that for yourself, with “Max’s Heart” — a branded documentary that will live across social media and SVOD/OTT platforms.

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