Total Video-ization

B12 LOVE is making vitamin + nutrient IV drips and injections accessible and convenient to everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, and as a family-owned business, B12 LOVE’s mission is to help people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area live healthier lives. To do that, they partnered with Miller/Datri Entertainment to showcase what truly makes them different through video.

While B12 LOVE had a beautiful website, they knew that introducing video was critical to delighting and informing their online customers, staying competitive, and continuing to grow. So, Miller/Datri Entertainment was tasked with “video-izing” B12 LOVE’s entire online presence – creating a brand video for their homepage, multiple customer testimonial videos, a customer greeting video, product videos, and videos for B12’s social media.

The result? The videos are helping B12 LOVE with their online customer engagement metrics, and throughout their marketing and sales funnel. Not only has the initiative helped B12 LOVE stay competitive in an increasingly video-driven world, and better communicate their differentiators to their customers – it’s helping improve their bottom line as well.

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