The Tools to Maximize Production Value on a Tight Budget


The Tools to Maximize Production Value on a Tight Budget

Nov 28, 2018

Even clients on a tighter budget can get a great video, but they have to use a production company that knows the ins and outs of how and where to creatively maximize the value of every dollar spent, and that has the tools to do so.  A smart and knowledgeable production company can do this by:

  1. Understanding where it’s more important to put dollars, and where it’s less important

There are some areas of production where you get huge bang for your buck with every incremental dollar spent, and other areas where the audience will barely notice.  But there are no absolutes in that equation — where those areas are will depend on the script, the campaign’s goals, the intended audience, the planned distribution.  A good production company can help you understand those choices and then have the ability to effectively execute on them.

Which brings us to…

  1. Audio, audio, audio

There’s one thing audiences can’t stand: poor audio quality. Depending on the style of the campaign, audiences can take (and even appreciate) variances in video quality, but if the sound isn’t up to par, it’s game over.  Audio is necessary to understand your story. A good production company always prioritizes audio quality to maximize your production value; this is one place you don’t want to shortcut (run fast from anyone who tries to convince you to do so).  They’ll have a dedicated team member to monitor your audio during filming, and will pay close attention to audio in post-production, too. Adding or removing background noise can greatly enhance the tone of your film.

  1. Making subtle changes to the shooting script

Sometimes a small change to the shooting script can yield huge savings, with minimal impact on the creative vision — for instance, depending on where and what time of day you are shooting can greatly affect lighting costs. Or how many extras are needed — or props, or special effects, or permits.

which brings us to…

  1. Finding the right location(s)

A good production company has the right contacts, studio access, and understanding of what’s available in terms of indoor and outdoor locations to walk you through your range of options — and there can be opportunities for significant savings here.

  1. Leveraging relationships

Last but in no way least, production companies that boast a wide industry network can leverage those contacts for preferred rates and creative alternatives and options for production challenges and opportunities in each phase of the process.  Understand whether the production company you are dealing with is integrated into the broader industry in this way, or sits separately from it.

By keeping these things in mind when choosing a production company, you can ensure that you will get maximum value on screen from your dollars spent — whether your budget is bigger or smaller.

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