4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Video Production Company


4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Video Production Company

Nov 07, 2018

Video marketing is the fastest growing advertising medium in the U.S., and it’s easy to see why when you consider the following facts:

And now businesses of all sizes can invest in video marketing, even if they don’t have the budget, expertise or resources to handle all their production needs in-house.  But many of those businesses make critical mistakes when choosing a production company — here are four of the most common ones to avoid!:

Mistake #1: Looking for a vendor, instead of a partner

Production work is not just about equipment and technical specs — it’s about understanding how those things affect the look and feel of the story being told, and using the tools of the production process to produce a video with a look and feel that is consistent with your brand and its message.  Production is a part of the creative process, not separate from it.  So choosing a production company that can be a true partner in that process is critical.  You are looking for a team that can help your brand tell its story — look at their credentials as storytellers, not just as technical experts (though they need to be both).

Mistake #2: Forgetting about distribution

The Number One reason video marketing campaigns fail (or require significant cost overruns to correct) is that the video as originally produced is not suited for the platforms and channels where it needs to run.  So ask prospective production companies about their background, expertise, and track record in distribution.  Even if they are not doing the distribution for you (which they often are not), they still need to understand the ins and outs, challenges, opportunities, and requirements of the complex and fast-changing distribution landscape in order to produce a video that will achieve your goals.

Mistake #3: Automatically going with the lowest bidder

You wouldn’t automatically go with the cheapest ad agency, and you likewise shouldn’t just go with the cheapest production company.  A very low bid may mean they don’t really understand what they’re getting themselves into, or that they will have to cut critical corners to stay within those budget constraints.  The better question to ask is do they have the know-how to maximize your dollars spent with value on the screen.  The better process is to engage with them in a discussion about what you are looking for, and see what resources they have to achieve that at a good price.  After all, the video produced will represent your brand.

Mistake #4: Automatically going with the biggest name

There are a few big names in the video production space, but that doesn’t mean you will always get the best product by going with them.  Many smaller production companies have the very same quality resources — both human and technical — available, they just have fewer productions going at once.  This can actually mean more attention to your video and needs.

If you go into the process of choosing a production company with these common mistakes in mind, you are much more likely to find a production partner that will successfully achieve your goals.

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